Land East of Harry Stoke, Earthworks and Infrastructure Works

Constructing Excellence

Throughout this project Churngold, together with its 2 clients Wainhomes and South Gloucestershire Council, adopted collaborative methods of procurement to ensure early Contractor involvement to develop a strategy that would deliver a large-scale Earthworks and Infrastructure project that required in excess of 250,000 m3 of varying types and quality of material to be reused to create platforms for future residential development.

This collaboration allowed Value Engineering options to be identified that not only removed unnecessary retaining structures but also enhanced the areas of public amenity land and wildlife zones.

The use of regular drone surveys allowed the project team to update their 3D models in minutes not days, allowing progress to be more accurately monitored which in turn allowed programming to be more accurate and precise, leading to greater efficiency of plant and equipment.

During the project the trial and subsequent adoption of several environmentally driven initiatives not only reduced the carbon footprint of this project but raised awareness throughout Churngold of the need to respond to climate change and lead to the decision to commit to offsetting its carbon footprint from 2020 onwards by tree planting in the UK.

Delivering this project throughout the COVID pandemic required all parties to buy in to robust site procedures and social distancing, enhanced cleaning regimes and staggered break times, daily temperature monitoring and weekly COVID Audits, which all ensured extremely low incident levels and set the standard for Health and Safety across the site.

Working with their Supply Chain using simple and often single source negotiated procurement methods Churngold ensured that the materials and specialist packages were delivered to realistic timescales at a fair price and to the required quality, which allowed the overall programme to be delivered whilst allowing Wainhomes to commence their initial house plots as required.

This collaborative approach has certainly paid off for both companies and Wainhomes and Churngold are already looking at future projects where they plan to work together soon to build on the success of the Harry Stoke Project.

Key facts

  • Use of Drone Surveys to give up to the minute 3D Modelling updates which allowed the site team to monitor progress more accurately.
  • Early Contractor involvement throughout the project from Churngold as Principal Contractors right through to Churngold’s Specialist Subcontractors ensured all the experts where available to assist with decision making and delivery.
  • Churngold committing to offset its 2020 onwards carbon footprint by UK tree planning has driven carbon reduction initiatives and raised awareness across its business and supply chain for the need to respond to climate change.