Krol Corlett Construction Limited

Constructing Excellence

As a company, we have managed to ride the wave of political uncertainty and a challenging construction market through focused and strategic KPI’s, clear internal communication and tight management of our supply chain. At a time where the construction market regulatory bodies are tightening the reins of legislation, we have managed to achieve sustainable growth, add talent to our expanding team and keep ahead of our expanding workflow. Although uncertainty usually leads to clients spending less or leaning out their investments, we have managed to sustain strong client retention and take on new headline clients, such as Peel Ports, NHS and the Lowry hotel, to name but a few. In-bound work through recommendations has also increased our reach throughout other geographical areas (Chester/Stafford/Lancashire/Manchester) to the point where we now are ‘bursting at the seams’ with potential with further pipelines of work being delivered from our Manchester office. Our client list still serves both the public & private sectors.

Other than a proven track record and experience, we feel our contract awarded success rate is down to our ability to listen to our clients’ needs/concerns about the overall project, determine/develop the most costeffective, sustainable and community focused plans and the delivery on our agreement – which allows structured milestone client/stakeholder meetings on-site (when possible).