Knox & Wells Ltd

Constructing Excellence

K&W have always maintained a supportive and caring culture with both its employees and supply chain. Through strong leadership and robust procedures it has maintained high standards of H&S. However, in order to drive further improvements, we required greater ownership and a more proactive approach from our employees and supply chain.

The main challenges we saw to getting their ‘buy-in’ were:

  • Employees – potentially sceptical of the reasons for taking a more proactive role in their health
    management & wellbeing
  • Supply chain – SUPERVISION: Small local subcontractors had limited number of supervisors – whilst they had supervision for larger projects, they struggled if projects only required one or two operatives. RAMS: Paperwork from small subcontractors often late or inadequate.
  • Investment – significant investment needed at a time of economic downturn, with no guarantee of
    success and possibility staff/supply chains would leave

We looked to overcome these by:

  • Employees
    • Bespoke ABC (Achieving Behavioural Change) training
    • Complete reinvestment of all equipment based on employee involvement & recommendations
    • Upgrading Health Surveillance process with external provider
  • Supply Chain
    • 6 weekly free training seminars
    • Presented by MD to ensure senior attendance
    • Small groups mixed trade subcontractors to allow open, honest debate
    • One to one assistance on RAMS
  • Investment
    • By building on our existing personal approach, we involved and supported our employees & supply chain in order to retain them
    • Recent changes in procurement policy, led by The Welsh Government, to include quality and sustainability, allowed us to invest for our future & community