Knowsley Council

Constructing Excellence

Theatre construction is notoriously difficult. At Shakespeare North, being built within a constrained town centre site; with a level difference of 12ft; bedrock near the surface; flying balconies; hanging technical areas; acoustic roofs; zig-zag facades and timber stage-crafted using traditional methods, were just some of thechallenges faced. This project was highly ambitious and carried significant risk forKMBC. Without the belief, passion and commitment of the KMBC team the project would not have been delivered.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. Great importance to Prescot, Knowsley and Liverpool City region.
    The significant regenerative benefit of the project is that it would provide:
    • High quality new jobs
    • Strong growth in spending within the local economy
    • A broad educational offer
    • Attractive volunteering opportunities
    • Improved access to world class cultural activity for young people and local communities.
    • Much increased footfall in Prescot town centre
    • New business investment in places to stay and eat and drink. It will boast an inclusive education programme and is anticipated to attract 140,000visitors a year. It is estimated that the project increased the value of goods and services produced in the city region by £13m during construction and by £5.3Meach year following opening.
  2. The world’s first replica of a Jacobean court theatre – Historicallyaccurate Prescot is believed to have been the site of the only purpose-built Elizabethan theatre outside London, built in 1593. No plans of the original have survived, so the stunning new venue is home to an extraordinary timber-framed theatre – which has been in the pipeline for the past 15 years – and is a replica of the Cockpit-in-Court, designed for Charles I by architect Inigo Jones at WhitehallPalace in 1629.
  3. Innovative ‘problem solving’ environment
    Bespoke MultiGrab lifting solution- Kier’s site programme meant that the main concrete and roof structures hadalready been constructed before McCurdy began erection of their timber frame. Toovercome the signifi cant challenges this presented, a bespoke hydraulic MultiGrabwas developed to fi t to the spider crane. This ensured versatility for safe installationinto the confi ned space to create a Box-in-a-box without damaging the delicateexterior of the hand-crafted wooden structure.