Kelly Cartwright

Constructing Excellence

Kelly is the owner of Core Recruiter Ltd, “the” construction recruiter, which facilitates a seamless, simple but effective, specialist recruitment service through absolute understanding and working in partnership with workers.

In a predominantly male dominated industry, where only 12% of the workforce is female, Kelly definitely stands out and is challenging the status quo. She thrives on breaking down barriers and tackling challenges and is keen to provide representation, acting as an example to everyone in the industry that women can thrive in construction.

From school level, construction isn’t a highly promoted industry, especially for women. Kelly recognised this issue and has teamed up with Anglia LEP to deliver Stereotype Busting Sessions, which aim to open up the minds of young people to show them anything is possible. Kelly has also engaged with a school in Acle, to deliver talks about the construction industry and what opportunities are available and is now part of Co.Next – an initiative from Norfolk Chambers of Commerce to support working young professionals 35 and under in Norfolk by offering engaging knowledge and networking programs.

Three Reasons Why This Individual Should Win:
  1. Kelly recently passed her Basic Carpentry and Joinery course–after speaking with the local education facility in partnership with Norfolk Gov, they highlighted they hadn’t had much up take from female getting into the industry–Kelly decided to carry out the course and promote it. They have seen a 35% increase on the female uptake for the next course.
  2. She is passionate, and determined to do all she can to change the face of construction.
  3. Opening up the conversation about mental health & wellbeing is so important–by talking about it we can support ourselves and others. This year, Kelly spoke with Gavin Crane from Band of Builders about how to support them and promote their important message. The Band of Builders Helpline has since been placed across 2000 pieces of merchandise which have been delivered to hundreds of sites to show people that they are not alone, and that there is support if they need it.