Irina Korneychuk

Constructing Excellence

Irina is an outstanding employee at all levels.  She came to a strange country, leaving behind her family in very challenging circumstances, but has made the very best of the opportunities which have presented themselves to her since her arrival.  Not only has she brought excellent design skills which have enhanced the quality of the projects she is

delivering, but she has a collaborative and supportive attitude to working, whether this is within the internal team at FaulknerBrowns or the wider client and consultant teams. Irina continues not only to enrich her own skills and abilities, but to share and develop them with others.  She has shown a very pro-active attitude to the mentoring of students in the office as well as at Newcastle University, of forging links with our wider supply chain and establishing a series of forums in a truly collaborative spirit.

Irina has not been daunted by the many challenges she has faced whether culturally, professionally or of an educational nature, but has established strong and sustainable links with our wider industry partners and educational institutions through which she is able to drive change and deliver positive outcomes.  She is a great collaborator with a strong, clear voice and an ambition to achieve at the highest level, whatever the challenges with which she is faced.  It is this strength and commitment which we believe will focus Irina’s drive to be a future leader and which we have the greatest of pleasure in supporting.