Innovative Future Leaders Programme – – for companies focused on driving business improvement and successor development

Constructing Excellence

Created by SECBE, the regional partner of Constructing Excellence in London and the South East, IFLP provides selected client, consultant, contractor and suppliers/specialist participants with personal insights and expert coaching from the IFLP team of leading innovation experts deliberately from far beyond and within the construction sector as well as in government. Participants will use the experts and importantly others from across the sector on the programme to develop informed innovative solutions to their own very real business opportunities defined with their MD/CEO. Each series of quarterly 2-day workshops lasts 12-months, with Series1 starts on 9th Jan with briefing session for participants and their MD/CE at the British Olympic Association’s offices; Series2 starts April ’20. Download the nomination form and submit it quickly to stand a chance of being selected for Series1.

SECBE is a not-for-profit organisation that’s driving positive change through the sector – – it’s the regional partner for Constructing Excellence London & South East, delivers regional awards to recognise the best in the industry and inspire the rest, and operates a shared apprenticeship scheme currently helping companies provide structured training experience to 43 apprentices. Contact SECBE on 0118 9207 200 for further details.