i-FAST the Next Generation of SIP Technology

Constructing Excellence

Setting new standards and even greater levels of performance, our patented i-FAST product innovation is the next generation of SIP technology. A complete offsite manufactured non-combustible walling solution, i-FAST delivers fire safety, structural strength, enhanced thermal & acoustic performance – in one panelised system. Through extensive R&D and design detailing, performance parameters are accurately delivered offering assurances to construction professionals.

The i-FAST panels are faced with A1 Non-combustible board & factory filled with A1 rated stone wool. The staggered stud arrangement reduces thermal bridging & acoustic transmission whilst allowing protection of the stud in a fire scenario. This allows a unique proposal of a standalone panel system that exceeds 60 minutes fire resistance without reliance on additional lining boards.

The panels can be used to form the building structure or as infill. All components are recyclable, CE Marked or BBA Certified. The i-FAST system allows architects, specifiers & inspectors to be confident that the building will achieve a minimum level of performance and is fully supported by our in-house design, manufacturing and installation teams offering complete control over the project.