Constructing Excellence

[husk] is a completely new concept, it is a patent pending method of unlocking sites that were previously undevelopable using traditional methods. Over the last three years we have been developing a new method in which to maximise garage infill sites which are owned by local authorities and registered housing providers. We have identified a concept which overcomes many of the problems which lead to ruling out these sites, such as proximity of existing buildings, viability due to number of units achieved and cost. We utilize the existing structure and place a new offsite fabricated building within to form a new spacious, efficient and space compliant bungalow.

There were many challenges faced in getting the pilot scheme of 8 bungalows to site, this was largely due to its unique concept.

Whilst the benefits of the concept are usually easily understood, some of the challenges faced were as follows:

  • Assessing the suitability of the concept against the existing fabric
  • Educating RSL’s in modern methods of construction and the differing procurement routes that this entails.
  • Ensuring compliance with Homes England for Grant
  • Developing new and bespoke methods of construction to suit this concept
  • Ensuring that building control and warranty providers understood these methods.

Working closely with Karbon Homes they interrogated our concept at every level, giving us the confidence that once we moved to site we had covered all of the compliances required to move this forward to other providers.