HMP High Down– Training Facility

Constructing Excellence

Galliford Try has designed and built the new DHL workshop at HMP High Down Cat C men’s prison in Surrey. The Establishment is transitioning from a Cat B to a Cat C facility and is implementing new initiatives tailored for the Cat C environment. Cat C typically houses inmates who pose a lower security risk and are closer to being released, so preparing inmates for reintegration into society through work, training and education programmes is a priority.

It is proven that effective rehabilitation can reduce reoffending rates (a 2020 study by the Prison Reform Trust shows programmes can reduce reoffending by 25%). The new workshop, a partnership between the Establishment and DHL, provides real-world work and training for 90 men at a time, and is integral to the Establishment’s overarching objective-to reduce reoffending through safe and effective rehabilitation and support.

The scheme has demonstrated many successes, including:

  • Optimal design and function: workshop is efficient and functional with a layout that supports the prison’s education rehabilitation objectives, a cost effective and efficient warehouse that delivers against the prison’s education targets whilst also providing real-world training through the DHL operations. The durable design is also built to last–to with stand wear and tear and future-proofed.
  • Cost efficiency: project completed within the agreed budget, achieving all requirements without compromising the construction schedule or building requirements.
  • High quality results: right first time with no snags on completion with a rigorous quality management approach that has assured snag-free completion–a high priority for construction in the prison environment. We have collaborated with the Establishment from DPP Stage (early design development) working closely with the client’s technical advisor to ensure solutions developed met the specification objectives and could deliver to the required standards.
  • Working together to support the Establishment’s overarching objectives: Prisoner rehabilitation, learning, and development is a key objective for HMP High Down, and through construction of the workshop we offered capabilities and experience to support this goal. We developed a Construction Mentorship Partnering Scheme (CMPS)–whereby we provided construction skills training, work experience and mentorship to prisoners on the live construction site. This is another first for the industry–a flagship programme developing a safe way to bring prisoners into the live construction activities, utilising construction as part of the rehabilitation itself. Success of this initiative is demonstrated through HMP High Down adopting the CMPS on future projects, and we are also now implementing similar schemes on our other MoJ projects too.
Three Winning Facts:
  1. Carbon neutral design, offering94% reduction in emissions when compared to the target set through Building Regulations.
  2. Achieving BREEAM Outstanding, a first for a prison warehouse, whilst maintaining the budget and programme.
  3. Delivered on time, snag-free, with a delighted client effectively managing significant logistical challenges (construction works within live prison environment).