Hinkley Point C Sea Wall

Constructing Excellence
  • 770m of Sea Wall completed in 10-months (March to December 2018) delivered to nuclear standards of Safety, Health, Environment & Quality (SHEQ).
  • 50,000m3 of insitu concrete placed in a SSSI marine environment, without environmental incident.
  • 180,000m3 of excavation arisings processed & recycled to be used as backfill behind the wall.
  • Very strict environmental constraints with regards working on the foreshore.
  • Excellent Safety Record.
  • The working environment is one of the highest tidal ranges in the world, with 10-20mm of silt deposited by the tide over everything, twice a day.
  • Excavations, 10m below highwater.
  • 20% of the excavation contaminated with Hydrocarbons, which had to be captured before they entered the marine environment.
  • Exemplar project with regards collaboration between Contractor, Client, Workforce & Environment Agency.
  • 16 month’s work completed in 12 months on a programme that was net of time risk allowance to start with.