Hinkley Point C Construction Project

Constructing Excellence

Hinkley Point C will be the first new nuclear power station to be built for a generation. The two nuclear reactors will provide low-carbon energy for around six million homes. It will be built by EDF Energy and its contractor partners at Hinkley Point on the Somerset coastline. The construction site will be one of the largest in Europe with a peak workforce of 5,600.

But it’s not just about power. We’ve put local benefits at the heart of Hinkley Point C, aiming to deliver as many of the long-term benefits it will stimulate the South West.

Hinkley Point C will:

  • Create over 25,000 new jobs
  • Provide huge opportunities for local, national and international businesses
  • 1,000 apprenticeships to leave a legacy
  • 64% of the project’s construction value will go to UK companies, building skills and expertise for the future.

By working with the chamber of commerce we have helped local businesses come together to help them punch above their weight and compete for big contracts. The venture has seen around 4,000 South West businesses register on our regional supplier database.

Instead of only approaching national companies to take on some of the project’s most important contracts, EDF Energy has taken a different approach to help local!