Hercules Site Services Ltd

Constructing Excellence

Founded in 2008, the Hercules brand is an established and trusted supplier of labour to major construction projects. Our focus is to be more than just a labour provider and to positively disrupt the construction industry by pulling it into the 21st Century. We operate a clear strategy of “not wanting to do things in the way that they’ve always been done”, which is symptomatic of longer established companies in our sector of the industry.

We empower our teams to work towards achieving our strategy with the entrepreneurial spirit that is fundamental to the style of our business, we trust our teams to achieve our desired outcomes, allowing them the freedom to tailor their approach whilst being guided by our values;

  • Collaborative – identified as trusted business partners
  • Committed – to quality assurance to maintain excellence
  • Innovative – to ensure that we are industry leading
  • Trustworthy – transparency in all that we do (to be an employer of choice)
  • United – we will recognise strength in everyone

Hercules Site Services Ltd are widely recognised as an innovative Civil Engineering and Labour Supply company. In addition to deploying a large and diverse workforce on major infrastructure projects around the country, we also operate own plant, fleet and highly skilled and supervised teams who can deliver packages of work directly for our clients.

We are extremely proud to be one of only seven companies in the UK to achieve BES 6002 Ethical Labour Sourcing Accreditation. By developing our own award-winning mobile recruitment app and initiatives such as providing free to employee project-wide flu jabs on various projects, are a few examples that demonstrate our drive to lead change in the construction industry, benefiting both our workforce and our clients.

2019 was a hugely successful year for Hercules Site Services with numerous accomplishments, improvements and initiatives throughout the year and continued investment in our workforce, employees, systems and facilities has contributed to another year of unprecedented and sustainable growth with around a 30% increase from 2018, a similar growth is forecast for the period 2020-2023

Having successfully competed to provide labour as Framework suppliers for Tier 1 construction contractors such as Costain, Skanska, Vinci and Balfour Beatty, we have demonstrated that, despite our relatively young age as a company and smaller size in relation to our competitors, we can not only keep up with the competition but lead our industry into a new, digital era.

Key achievements

  • 30% Growth achieved from 2018 to 2019
  • Launched our unique and now award-winning mobile construction recruitment app
  • Successful on multiple tenders for labour supply frameworks to Tier 1 contractors