Hercules Construction Jobs – Unique mobile recruitment app

Constructing Excellence

Hercules Site Services Ltd launched an industry-first, innovative and award-winning mobile recruitment app designed to revolutionise the recruitment process for construction workers. Our unique solution is to match workers to potential jobs using their home location and specific industry qualifications whilst offering them the flexibility to provide their information at a time that is more convenient to them.

Some of the benefits Hercules’ unique solution delivers are:

A streamlined, more efficient recruitment process

  • Quicker delivery of the right operative to construction projects – through lean principles and removing of duplication of checks
  • Reduction in paper documentation – all checks and documents are reviewed and submitted directly via the App
  • Earlier modern slavery checks – providing enhanced safeguards for vulnerable people
  • Earlier compliance checks – improving speed of appointment by only taking to suitably qualified individuals
  • Constructing Excellence

Improved workforce data & analysis including;

  • EDI data – baseline demographic datasets collected at point of registration and placement. Datasets are fed into the Hercules FIR Working Group who put in place strategies to target under representative groups
  • Social value generation – increasing the spend local to the project
  • Skills/Qualifications analysis – fed into training matrix to identify current skill shortages, forecast regional skills shortages allowing Hercules to develop strategies to overcome shortages

Constructing Excellence

Social Value

  • Better targeting for local employment which will lead to;
    • Increase in local employment – leading to increased local economic benefits and generating wider social value
    • Better fatigue management – by reducing journey times
    • Reduction in CO2 emissions – through reducing commuting distances
  • Greater flexibility for workers – choice of projects and locations to suit their commute preferences and career plans
  • More appealing to the younger generation – tech-based solution

By delivering an app for our potential workforce that is simple to use and register with and by uniquely matching workers to jobs using their home location and their specific industry qualifications we have already been recognised for our desire to innovate and change our industry.

Constructing Excellence

Key achievements

  • Award-winning, recognised by O2 with their Blue Door Award for Engaging Employees Through Better Digital Connectivity.
  • Recognised by the Considerate Constructors Scheme as an example of best practice.
  • Excellent uptake and engagement by target users.