Hawthorne Avenue Development, Hull

Constructing Excellence

The Hawthorne Avenue Phase C land parcel (Boomerang) was acquired by Hull City Council as part of their on-going regeneration programme in the Newington and St Andrews (NaSA) area of the city.
The former factory site was cleared by Hull and then developed by Keepmoat Homes using the ilke product for Registered Provider partner Places for People (PfP).
The development of 16 homes which were all built offsite at ilke Homes’ factory in North Yorkshire, provides much needed affordable housing for PfP. Each home offers a 2 bed, 4 person, 2 storey house over 81 square metres meeting nationally described space standards. The homes were delivered completed inside and out, including;
▪ External: light gauge steel frame, highly insulated with windows, doors, integral roof and finished with roof tiles and brick slips.
▪ Internal: fully fitted kitchens and bathrooms, vinyl to kitchen / dining / wet areas and decorated throughout.
A full volumetric approach was selected to take offsite solutions to the furthest level believed to be possible and to maximise the full benefits of offsite construction in a cost-effective manner. Reasons behind this choice include:
▪ Speed of construction: homes installed and structurally complete in a single day and minimising completion works to service connection and finishes between modules;
▪ Maximum factory delivery to derive full benefit of manufacturing consistency and quality controls;
▪ Need to deliver affordable housing quickly;
▪ Minimising disruption for residents and the wider community due to the nature and location of the site.