Hardstaff Barriers

Constructing Excellence

From liquidation to being bought by Hill & Smith Group we have become a leading supplier of fully approved temporary and permanent concrete barriers; including road safety barriers, Jersey barriers, hostile vehicle mitigation systems (HVM), perimeter fencing, concrete security barriers and access gates.

Our product approvals include EN 1317, IWA 14-1 and PAS68 giving protection on roadways, railways and airports. Responsibilities to supply and deploy the National Barrier Asset (NBA), a range of high-security barrier systems, as part of H2S2 on behalf of Sussex police and the Home Office. Providing robust HVM measures to the UK and foreign government departments as well as commercial organisations.

This entry includes examples of our best practice and how we have developed this. It demonstrates our investment in our employees through training, implementing new working aids, for example Safety Cloud. We have worked hard to improve productivity by 85% utilising 90% of the existing management team. Our supply chain has engaged with us to produce innovative, new products and services. All of which is measured against KPI’s.