Halfway and Northumberland SPS Team

Constructing Excellence

There’s a need, and expectation today, to get more for less from our investment; a common picture across the UK Water industry. The Welsh Water Capital Alliance investment in people, innovation and digital technology is helping this aspiration become a reality.

This is both a value and innovation journey. We have combined the skills and experience of our engineers and experts in Wales with the latest information technology and hardware available to create something very special. This combination helps us realise our potential to deliver more for less and provide resilient, dependable infrastructure to withstand future

The Alliance, a highly skilled and varied team including planners, engineers, and scientists is challenged with delivering £1.5billion of infrastructure helping to improve lives and the environment for communities across Wales.

The Halfway and Northumberland catchments, serving over 50,000 people, has suffered from historic, repeated wastewater flooding. In addition, two key terminal Sewage Pumping Stations (SPS), Halfway and Northumberland SPS, have environmental drivers to reduce storm overflow frequency to less than 10 spills per annum. Before our work these assets were spilling up to 80 times per year. The root cause of both issues was a combination of high surface water inflows, high winter infiltration, lack of pipe capacity and large, complicated, under-performing terminal pumping stations.

Our challenge was to deliver an affordable solution which met the needs of all key parties. This includes Welsh Waters Business Plan, Welsh Water’s long term 2050 vision, local community expectations, Natural Resources Wales and Welsh Government needs.