Hafan Yr Afon

Constructing Excellence

Hafan Yr Afon has provided Newtown with a new landmark to support tourism, social enterprises, and health and wellbeing whilst being an exemplar for sustainable design and construction.

Due to the budget constraints, we embarked on a value engineering process whilst keeping in mind the final vision that the client wanted to achieve. A total of 40% saving was achieved through innovative design changes agreed with the Client–and by also offering commercial savings against our preliminaries and adjusting our method of working to make the scheme more affordable, we ensured that the project could go ahead, and a cost-effective solution was delivered.

The iconic building has achieved an EPC A+ rating, and along with an air source heat pump and 104.3m² of PV panels installed, it offers a sustainable and affordable solution to keep energy costs down. Triple glazed windows showcase the fantastic view of the green space and river, whilst also maintaining the thermal efficiency of the building.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. Iconic building that serves the local community, delivering a major asset for Newtown.
  2. Achieved an EPCA+ rating, built with efficiency in mind and delivered to a high quality.
  3. 40% saving on original tender price through value engineering to deliver the same quality solution for the community.