Gwynedd Council

Constructing Excellence

This project demonstrates industry leading outcomes that have been achieved by SME organisations when working as an integrated team within a collaborative Client appointment mechanism.


  • Hard evidence of “Walking the Walk” and not just “Talking the Talk”
  • Early Collaboration between Client, Stakeholders and Constructor/Design partners, supported by a truly integrated local, SME rich supply chain. 82% local spend and 77% with SME’s.
  • Cultures and behaviours enabled a truly project focussed approach and created excellent Value for Money, delivered on time and on budget and harvesting £507,000 savings.
  • Delivering immediate and long-term beneficial impacts and outputs for the community and beneficiary students
  • Collaborative Digitised technologies and integrated approach at all stages, successfully delivering AIM with integrated data for FM exchange.
  • Delivered 100% on target… in spite of COVID


Constructing Excellence


Standing out from the crowd:


Client collaborative aspirations delivered together – Gwynedd was seeking cost certainty and improved quality through a collaborative approach, objectives which were fully satisfied. Inclusive and value driven ECI helped us work together in protecting the Client from the loss/dilution of design or functional intent that is common in non-collaborative D&B projects.

Working to the protocols of collaborative standard ISO44001, the integrated team harnessed the value-added aspects of early

contractor engagement, access to SME rich local supply chain partners and eliminated non-value/waste adding activities.


Constructing Excellence 


Collaboration in action – Collaborative ECI and BIM L2 ensured transparent quality and cost certainty resulting in added value outcomes from the exemplar standards achieved in both design and construction quality.


“Proper BIM” – Client, design team and and supply chain inclusive training and upskilling in BIM have delivered significant local benefits that leave substantial legacy value within the supply chain, contractor, client and professional services consultants alike. Read deployed their award winning experience in BIM and the benefit of the systems and procedures within their ISO19650 BIM accreditation – the first awarded in Wales.


Tools and techniques included – Collaborative workshops, a project charter, stakeholder open sessions, Design and consultation events, Digital technologies deployed, transparent processes including procurement and Quality based appointments and use of CDE for 24/7 access to project information.


Constructing Excellence


Sharing success with Industry:

The lessons learnt throughout the journey have been shared openly with industry and the North Wales Construction Partnership Framework to broaden knowledge, inspire others and drive the ‘best local value’ and the digital construction agenda.

The project builds on this by:

  • captured in a case study with BSI
  • offering as an exemplar project to NWCF Special Interest Group and presentation at various professional events
  • The inclusion in this award call is part of our dissemination plan for the project with further applications planned.
  • Feeding the project impacts and outcomes Academic research exercises (engagement already underway with Cardiff Metropolitan University).
  • Open forum local market meetings could include this project as example in the “what can be achieved” prior to highlighting the opportunities to Industry attendees, stakeholders and Clients.


Constructing Excellence