‘Guidance on Collaborative Procurement’ Published and Announced by DLUHC and Parliament – encouraging safe practise

Constructing Excellence


In order to encourage the construction industry to deliver better quality buildings under safe practise, Professor David Mosey and Russell Poynter-Brown have produced a key guidance document on procurement for construction. On January 10th, “Guidance on Collaborative Procurement for Design and Construction to Support Building Safety” was published by DLUHC and announced in Parliament by Secretary of State Michael Gove.

This important guidance document reinforces the fundamental need to utilise collaborative procurement to deliver better outcomes. We were pleased to be part of the working group for the development of clear and robust guidance for the construction industry.

Professor David Mosey PhD is a Professor of Law and former Director of King’s College London Centre of Construction Law and Dispute Resolution. Russell Poynter-Brown is the Chief Executive for On-Pole Limited, a specialist consultancy focusing on enhancing and managing business performance. Together they collaborated with the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities and the Procurement Advisory Group.

This Guidance complements the December 2020 “Construction Playbook” and the recommendations of “Constructing the Gold Standard”, Professor David Mosey’s independent review of public sector construction frameworks published by the Cabinet Office in December 2021.

DLUHC Minister of State for Building Safety Lord Greenhalgh stated that implementation of the Guidance: “will help to change incentives, behaviours and ultimately culture across supply chains, which is critical to improving safety and performance of buildings.”