Graze 2 Dining & Educational Facility for Hartpury University & Hartpury College

Constructing Excellence

All projects have their unique challenges and Graze 2 was no exception. 

From the outset, it was clear that extracting maximum benefit from this particular phase of the Hartpury Campus development was critical. The building was to become a new student ‘dining and recreation hub’ and therefore had to achieve ‘destination attractiveness’ for the students as end users i.e. a building that students would naturally gravitate towards for its functionality, aesthetics and ambience, but additionally it had to satisfy long term in use benefits for the client, particularly from an energy and cost management perspective. Reasonable outcomes in a normal situation, but the prevailing circumstances pertaining to the Covid pandemic, supply chain challenges and a sharply escalating price environment whilst operating within a fixed price stricture meant that only a truly collaborative approach could yield the outcomes demanded. In addition, it was a very constrained site, on a tight programme and within a ‘live’ very busy mixed further education & university site. 

 In terms of mitigation, Barnwood are fortunate to directly employ a range of skilled craftspeople across a range of specialisms so the impact of Covid on labour was contained to a certain extent. Additionally, 80% of the supply chain was from within the County and close to the project site.  

The tender package was supported by a very competent technical team; a team that from experience we knew would be keen to explore the buildability and added value aspects that contractors bring to a development. Early engagement enabled the wider team to explore critical factors from a contractors’ delivery perspective, and very early on it was established that opportunities to maximise affordable sustainable solutions whilst also maintaining control of cost and programme were paramount to the client. The Barnwood in-house resources, were able at an early stage to explore construction options that would assist not only sustainability but also overall programme and cost challenges. 

Health and Safety, including safeguarding was the domain of Barnwood as principal contractor, and with a dedicated resource Barnwood was able to implement a regime that enabled construction on a key thoroughfare and next to operational buildings without disrupting the life of the campus.  

Three Winning Facts:
  1. The value that a competent contractor can add through effective teamwork and client engagement. Built to time, budget and to a quality and sustainable performance not originally anticipated by the client given the fixed budget.
  2. Maximising sustainability for the client whilst adding value to the local economy through utilising >80% local supply chain within the county. 
  3. Successful safe delivery on a busy site, on a major pedestrian and vehicular walkway with no recorded incidents and the sharing of good practice around safeguarding.