Gloucestershire County Council Asset Management and Property Services

Constructing Excellence

Gloucestershire County Council’s Major Contractor Partnering Framework which is managed by Asset Management and Property Services (AMPS) began in 2007. From its inception it has grown in size, expertise, and professionalism but it’s always been based on a clear vision and a strong set of values which have never wavered. Local contractors aim to get on it, stay on it and deliver.

For 15 years the longest serving incumbents of the framework Kier, Speller Metcalf and E G Carter, who are collaboratively submitting this award nomination, have worked with the GCC AMPS team in a professional, transparent, and trusting relationship. During this time AMPS has procured and delivered 175 projects valued at over £270m: including £40m in the last 18 months.

In 2020 the government published the Construction Playbook, setting out how they intend to work with the construction sector. Although not mandatory for wider public sector procurement they are ‘encouraged’ to take account of the Playbook and the three overriding priorities embedded in its key policies: improve building and workplace safety, build back greener and promote social value. The GCC framework predates the Playbook by some 13 years, yet its partnership ethos and core aims strongly resonate in the policies of the Playbook and show that AMPS were ahead of the game then and are leading it now in terms of sustainable relationships, equitable contractual terms, fair payment, and balanced allocation of risk.

Throughout the framework AMPS’ respect for the expertise of the contractors; their championing of early contractor involvement (ECI); responsible procurement, strong focus on H&S, social value; and the promotion of integrative and collaborative working has elevated contractor professionalism within the industry. It’s raised the proficiency profile of framework partners, and enabled the delivery of greener, better quality, affordable projects for GCC’s clients. The Playbook considers these core principles as ‘new strategies’ for those contracting for public works.

In taking a strategic approach to asset management and capital building projects, AMPS’ commitment to the county has provided a long‐lasting legacy for Gloucestershire. It’s in the sustainable projects they deliver; the partnerships with local supply‐chains, consultants, and SMEs; their response to the climate change emergency; and the positive social and environmental changes which promote inclusion, equality, and strategies for Covid recovery. The Playbook promotes such forward thinking as helping to ensure ‘the greatest economic, social and environmental value possible.’

AMPS manages one of the most successful local frameworks in the country, delivering a complex, innovative, and diverse collection of projects. Over the history of the Framework all projects have been delivered on target, achieving high customer satisfaction from clients. This success reflects the hard work, enthusiasm, passion, and personal involvement in each project.

AMPS don’t just play lip‐service to the benchmarking sheets, they are so close to the projects that they recognise they are part of achieving the budget, programme, and quality outcomes. Opportunities to use the construction process to involve and inspire education providers, students, and the wider community has achieved exemplar social value outcomes.


Key Facts

  • By valuing our experience and expertise, AMPS has elevated the proficiency and professionalism of contractors and the industry; their collaborative and partnering ethos has secured over £270m of projects in 15 years, all delivered on time, budget, and quality, with highly satisfied stakeholders
  • GCC and their Partnering Framework which is managed by AMPS is industry leading and in the vanguard of the Construction Playbook recommendations for modern construction practices
  • For the benefit of contractors AMPS partnering ethos centres on simplicity: they focus on what’s realistic, they ask insightful questions, and they concentrate on procuring local people for local jobs