Constructing Excellence

The AMF project is designed to deliver a state of-the-art manufacturing facility for Aseptic filling of vials and providing cold chain products.  It is intended to secure the future of Aseptic manufacturing in County Durham for 20+ years and has the flexibility to be adapted in the future to meet regulatory requirements.

GSK (Client) have given clear and consistent leadership through an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) route whilst promoting collaboration and empowerment of all involved.  Co-located offices have promoted an collaborative approach.  Under CDM GSK have taken up roles as both Client as well as Principal Contractor which allows them control of H&S operations whilst adding flexibility to build a team of highly experienced and motivated multi organisational professionals.

The project is being constructed on the site of a live pharmaceutical manufacturing facility and huge logistical planning was implemented so that the project had no impact to day to day operations of the live facility and the local residents. The use of a Fulcrum delivery management system and off-site holding areas allows the project to operate in a ‘Just in Time’ approach and promotes lean construction through enabling the IPD team to book and manage deliveries remotely.  This approach benefits the restricted site footprint and maintains the collaborative approach to this project.

The wellbeing of the close neighbours and children have been an important factor for GSK and communications via project open days, communication magazines, newsletters and even one to one meetings have all been carried out during key construction activities.