Francesca Lewis

Constructing Excellence

Francesca is a dedicated and driven young architect within the Specialist Living team at Stride Treglown. She is constantly striving to expand her knowledge and skillsets to provide maximum support for the team and across the wider sector.

She understands the importance and impact that good design has on Specialist Housing and how that in turn means good design for all no matter what stage of life you are in or what level of support you may require.

Within the Specialist Living team Fran has found a Sector she is truly passionate about and how improvements within it can have a far-reaching impact in other areas. She understands that by making later living more of an aspirational move, encouraging people to move out of the large family home to dedicated and supportive environments will tackle issues such as loneliness, isolation, access to care and ease the housing/bed shortage crisis.

She is committed to improving her and therefore the team’s design of these developments. To do this she believes it is essential to be people focused and actively engage we end users to provide Post-Occupancy Evaluation of our buildings. She has already put an action plan together visiting our exclaimed Retirement Village in Bournville to speak with residents and see how the design of our building have either helped or hinder especially in the past year and the impact of lockdown in a community environment like this. She is keen to promote this thinking within Stride Treglown and the wider industry. She has written an article or her finding and its importance for the HousingLIN, the ‘go to’ network to exemplify innovative housing solutions for an ageing population.

Within Stride Treglown she has taken on the role of team leader within the Specialist Living team supporting her Director and Sector Lead. This is due to her dedication and willingness to push herself and guide others in a compassionate and respectful way. She acts as a role model and mentor to junior members of the team. With older team members she has gained their respect and ensures that individuals strengths are promoted and employed for the benefit of the whole team.

When put on furlough due to the pandemic Fran took a pro active approach and volunteered for Age UK, phoning elderly members of the community to have a catch up and a chat ensuring they were not lonely or in need of any additional support. This compassion and selflessness is fundamental to Fran and how she promotes health and wellbeing both within the team and within the wider company, ensuring it is at the heart of every home she designs.

In her short time in the industry Francesca has had a big impact and this is why she deserves to be recognised as a future leader.


Constructing Excellence