Offsite Manufacturing & Technology Theme Group

Following our recent workshop looking at the platform approach to buildings, it became clear that we develop a clearer understanding of the needs of manufacturers.  This workshop hosted by Tata Steel will consider the needs of manufacturers in the move towards offsite manufacturing and technology and how the industry can maximise the value of the … Continue reading "Offsite Manufacturing & Technology Theme Group"

Generation for Tech – Better, Faster, Stronger


Technology is changing the built environment forever. Modernising the way we design, make decisions and interact with one another will lead to a smarter, more efficient and collaborative construction industry. Or will it? The Generation for Change (G4C) has the potential to fast-track the way we interact with tech.  Join us to explore how the … Continue reading "Generation for Tech – Better, Faster, Stronger"

Constructing Excellence Offsite Theme Group

Timings and location to be confirmed. This meeting is open to Constructing Excellence National members and invited guests: