Dudley College Advance 11 Alliance

Constructing Excellence

The Alliance Board (AB) have undertaken a £11.685m contract to build Advance II on behalf of Dudley College (DC). Advance II is an outstanding education centre, providing innovative facilities for engineering and manufacturing employers to train new employees and enhance the skills of their existing workforce.

The centre will have a positive impact on the construction industry offering a range of courses and apprenticeship opportunities in leading technologies which are not readily available in the engineering and manufacturing sector.

Advance II is a highly innovative project and is the world’s first trial of insurance backed alliancing scheme using the Integrated Project Insurance (IPI) Model which was endorsed in the UK Government Construction Strategy and monitored by Reading University under an Innovate UK grant.

IPI promotes a non-confrontational and true no blame, collaborative approach with all parties including tier 2 specialists signed up to an alliance contract with their client. Shared risk management is incentivised with a whole team project insurance that includes cost overrun, project delivery and latent defects cover.

The project successfully completed in September 2017.