Digital By Default: The Importance of Purpose and Outcomes

Constructing Excellence

For the first of our series on Digital by Default we were delighted to be joined by David Philp, Impact Director at the Construction Innovation Hub. It was perfect for our initial meeting as David’s key focus was on digital as an enabler; from advanced manufacturing processes and Construction Product Quality Planning, to the Value Toolkit.

Constructing Excellence  Vision

David emphasised the importance of digital supporting the purpose of the built environment and its assets. It should not be an end in itself, but should enable better outcomes. He advises to start with what you want to achieve and then look at how digital can help you achieve that.  The digital built environment is there to support.
See Our Vision for the Built Environment.


Constructing Excellence  Back to Basics

There is a tendency for digital experts to over-complicate things and use language that is inaccessible to those outside of the digital sphere. David is a strong advocate for simplicity, using plain, accessible language to de-mystify digital for non-experts, thereby enabling them to make better use of the digital tools available. He refers to the Gemini Principles to support this. 

Constructing Excellence   Sound Information Management

Digital by default is based on data and sound information management practices.  Essentially it is about having the right information available to act at the right time and to make better informed decisions. David is also a strong advocate of interoperability. 

Constructing Excellence   Widespread Implementation

David sees investors and their demands for data and information as a great driver for the digital built environment.  He recommends focusing on the purpose and outcomes of a project rather than the minutiae to drive greater uptake. 


Join us online in December, where we will be looking at digital tracking information including input from Rachel Heaton at GS1 on the application of barcode standards in construction, James Franklin from Kieron the implementation of tracking from design to installation and an update on Tag and Track technology.

Constructing Excellence