Creation of the Digital Campus

Constructing Excellence

The University of the West of England (UWE) has earned a reputation as the home for Digital Construction and Facilities Management in the South West. We have shown that innovation isn’t about a one off project, it is more than a moment in time, or a bright idea. True innovation needs to change a business or a whole industry from its core. It’s not just a process or the introduction of technology, but a new way of thinking, operating, communicating and existing.

UWE has implemented BIM, but what does that mean? For some it means they have received models or spreadsheets from their supply chain and saved them somewhere. What use is information unless it is used and maintained?

Here at UWE we have changed the way we work, not just at a surface level, we’ve gone right to the heart of the business making real changes that positively affect students, staff and our local community. We’ve changed the way we teach students, instruct maintenance, undertake projects, procure our supply chain, assess risk, our policy for health and safety and how we engage with our internal clients. We have also changed the way we view data, estimate cost and train our staff and supply chains.

We’ll hit 50% digitisation by the middle of the year