Creating a Sustainable Alternative to Gypsum Plasterboard

Constructing Excellence

iKoustic are a sound proofing specialist that have developed a recycled and recyclable alternative to plasterboard.

The AcousticWafer™ is made of recycled and recyclable materials and we are proud to work with our partners to produce an innovative product that will have a huge impact on the construction sector. The construction sector was set carbon emission targets in 2022 and the AcousticWafer™ improves the likelihood of the sector reaching these targets. Not only is it sustainable, it is also thermally efficient, acoustically effective, lightweight, easy to use and fire resistant.

The development of this product has taken 3 years and in 2022, we reached the prototype phase which has now been tested for fire resistance, thermal efficiency and impact and airborne sound reduction.

We have worked closely with our manufacturing partner, Sundeala, who are based in the UK. All of the raw materials and manufacturing of the AcousticWafer™ are based in the UK. We also work with Nappicycle , who provide us with the cellulose fibres that they extract from re-usable nappies which also go into the recycled raw materials used to make the boards. There are no chemicals, plastics or glues used in the manufacturing process. We even made sure the label and glue were sustainable!

Three Winning Facts:
  1. iKoustic have developed a recycled paper-based alternative to plasterboard-using the cellulose from recycled nappies, paper and cardboard.
  2. AcousticWafer™ is 250% more thermally effective than plasterboard.
  3. We are proud to state we will reduce our use of plasterboard by 50% as a result of this innovation.