Conversations on Net Zero

Net Zero is the greatest challenge and opportunity for the UK Built Environment sector. These regular, solution-focused sessions, hosted by Construct Excellence, will build a catalogue of approaches and practical solutions to Net Zero. They will bring together a number of activities that will enable our members to understand the NetZero challenge and embrace the changes needed to deliver a more sustainable future.

Achieving Net Zero can be seen as complex. Collaboration, clarity and partnership will be key to navigating the challenges which come with this complexity. Therefore, we will be working with a range of partners over the coming months to share knowledge and create the insight needed to deliver Net Zero.

We will be working across the Constructing Excellence membership and beyond to identify the gaps on the path to Net Zero, utilizing the insight and expertise from the innovation team at BRE. We will begin by considering the current status quo, and where we want to get to in the future. We will then consider how to implement existing solutions more widely, and smooth the path for innovation to be taken up more readily by the industry.

This will be achieved through a series of knowledge-sharing workshops where we will build a body of knowledge on the practical implementation and future requirements of net zero. We will start with retrofit across domestic and non-domestic buildings, before expanding into various topics of practical interest to the group.

Agenda includes
    • Retrofit
    • Delving into award winners 
    • Sustainability
    • News & insights from the industry regarding net zero
Participants include


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