Consultation on New Contract Forms in the PPC2000 and TPC2005 suite

The ACA and ACE are launching a period of consultation on new contract forms so that views and proposals can be taken into account from current and prospective users and from other industry representatives. A new “PPC Project Alliance Contract” and “Term Alliance Contract” are both scheduled for publication in 2016. These forms will provide:

  • simpler contracts that are suitable for projects of any size -collaborative contracts designed to support Building Information Modelling -integrated contracts that cover the whole life of an asset
  • international contracts that can be used under any legal system
  • usable in any jurisdiction, given the growing international interest in PPC (this year from Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Sweden, Singapore and Saudi Arabia
  • providing a strong basis for BIM levels 2 and 3, given the proven success of the UK Ministry of Justice PPC/BIM Trial Projects
  • creating simpler structures, cutting down prescriptive processes and using clearer definitions
  • providing the first performance-led strategic alliance standard form
  • supporting a whole-life approach to asset management, given the success of the Surrey Highways Alliance Trial Project using TPC2005 to achieve savings and extended warranties.

Would you or one of your colleagues be interested in being part of a Consultation Group to comment on the draft contracts and related guidance by the end of January 2016? The ACA and ACE would value your input and can ensure that your comments will be taken into account and duly credited when the new contracts are published in 2016.

If you are interested in joining this Consultation Group, please contact us as soon as possible on: [email protected]

ACA President Richard Harrison said: “PPC2000 and TPC2005 are the ‘unsung heroes of construction’, proven time and again to offer user-friendly improvement processes and clear provisions for both the public and private sectors. The new contract portal offers easy access to these innovative contracts for teams to deliver projects on time, with cost savings of up to 20%, with more opportunity for sustainable design and with improved employment and skills commitments. The PPC Project Alliance Contract and Term Alliance Contract are major new contenders for consultants and their teams to ensure a simple and effective approach to project delivery”.

Shane Hughes, PPC/TPC Steering Group Chairman added: “The PPC Suite of Partnering Contracts continue to shine as beacons of collaborative working and two stage procurement across the construction sector. The new on-line portal and consultation on the new PPC Project and Term Alliance Forms offer clients, contractors and consultants access to the next generation of collaborative working. I urge you take another look at PPC and TPC when choosing your contract form”.