Construction Management Services, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Constructing Excellence

In 2011 the Council’s Construction Management Services Group Manager set his teams a Mission ‘to ensure all our construction sites are the safest possible’, and they were set ‘a target of zero reportable accidents’. This was to be achieved by working collaboratively with our external partners, including both contractors and their supply chain as well as consultants, and the in-house professional teams and Direct Labour workforce.

They were tasked with organising events, meetings and systems to share best practice, training, processes and procedures. The Vision was for a continual ongoing programme to cover changes in legislation, case law and best practice advice. It was to be needs based covering topics that our on-going programme of audits on construction projects, both design and site, show are required as well as issues flagged up by HSE, Association of Project Safety and construction media . It was to include sharing template documents and providing other assistance especially to SMEs to assist them as required in the continuous change to health & safety legislation landscape.

We consider the mission has been successful as substantiated by in the last 5 years with an annual construction programme of £100m we have had no major incidents; and in 2014, 2015 and 2016 zero reportable Injuries, Incidents and Disease. This is achieved both with our in-house and external partners to ensure we make a difference together.

Five years on we have a highly dedicated, experienced and qualified in-house Construction Safety team, their motto is Constant Vigilance.