Constructing Excellence Innovation in Practice project ‘SRA Architects Öppen (Royal United Hospital, Bath) Project’ wins the CESW awards for Value and Innovation

SRA Architects’ Öppen project for the Royal United Hospital in Bath is now complete, and on 12 June 2015 it won Constructing Excellence South West awards for Value and Innovation.

The Information Management and Technology building was built using pioneering technology designed by SRA Architects’. The building was constructed using flat pack components that were produced in a factory and assembled on-site, reducing the construction cost by 15 per cent and the construction time by 40 per cent. The project took less than eight months to assemble, and its layout means it is easily adaptable should future requirements change. In addition to this, the building will also have life-long low running costs because of its sustainable design.

Dr Peter Hansford, the Government’s Chief Construction Adviser, officially opened the building.  He said of it, ‘ This building embraces the principles of Construction 2025.  This is the start of a new age in the UK construction industry’.

A short video of its construction is on YouTube

A case study giving full details on the project will be available on the Constructing Excellence website shortly.

SRA Architects won two Constructing Excellence Awards: ‘Innovation’ and ‘Value’. Click here for the full story.