Colas Leeds Mental Health Initiative

Constructing Excellence

The Health, Safety & Wellbeing culture of Colas hugely influences their safety outcomes. Their H&S & Wellbeing ethos is transparent to all, embedded in everything we do, every meeting, activity, procedure. Established lines of communication cascade information up and down the structure.

They were the first UK construction company to roll out a digital frictionless reporting platform (Sept 2020) with the EcoOnline safety reporting platform, accessible to employees, clients, subcontractors and even the public via the QR code displayed on their site posters.

The Executive Board Members review the H&S data outputs generated by the EcoOline system every Monday and cascade actions down the structure that afternoon. They commit money, training and time (Global Safety Weeks, Shut down days).


Three Winning Facts:
  1. Driven down the stigma about mental health in the workplace.
  2. Provided a place and space ‘to talk’ and got people talking.
  3. Seen their work replicated across Colas UK.