clixifix® Customer Care Simplified Software

Constructing Excellence

CEO James Farrell came from a construction background himself and knew the struggles aftercare teams face on a daily basis when dealing with customer queries/defects. After searching the market, he found that there was no tool which was collaborative or robust enough to manage customer care effectively. This is how clixifix® was born. Our mission is to simplify customer care software for the construction sector.

clixifix® customer care, simplified software was developed to take the headache out of customer care by putting all reported issues in a single place, enabling construction customer care teams, their residents, clients and contractors to manage them together. Our web-based platform enables teams to log reported issues and queries, store relevant documents/images, and communicate easily with other stakeholders. Promoting this collaboration ensures a smoother customer journey and greatly improves customer satisfaction.

Enabling residents to find answers and report issues quickly through on-line platforms is the present accepted norm for customer care in other sectors but not in the construction sector. We want to change that. Our Resident Portal is helping housebuilders and housing associations give their residents the ability to raise defects and access important information about their property, for example, home use guides and appliance manuals.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. First accredited supply partner of the New Homes Quality Board.
  2. Over 70,000 users across 4 main business profiles–housebuilders, housing associations, principal contractors & subcontractors, with over 1 million defects resolved on the platform.
  3. Winner of the Sunderland Excellence in Business Awards category of ‘Independent Business of the Year’.