Client Commitments

Constructing Excellence

The Clients’ Charter allows construction industry clients to make a clear statement of their commitment to performance improvement. Participants measure their progress against an agreed programme with increasingly demanding targets.

A complete review and feedback process took place during 2007/2008 which indicated that the Charter needed some development to improve its usability and robustness and that the Charter needed to be linked to the 2012 commitments.

A new process was developed by a CCG working group, and the revised version of the Charter was underpinned by benchmarking, diagnostic, accreditation and training/coaching to reduce barriers to usage. The Charter was re-branded as the Clients Commitments. It is a unique tool that engages the demand and supply sides in the 2012 commitments.

The Client Commitments focus on the six areas where clients can make a positive difference to enable better value:

  • Client leadership
  • Procurement and integration
  • Health and safety
  • Design quality
  • Sustainability
  • Commitment to people

The commitments were updated and re-launched in 2013. To download the updated Client Commitments, please click here.