CJP Regional Delivery Partnership North

Constructing Excellence

There have been several challenges faced by CJP as they delivered our services. Firstly, like all businesses we had the spectre of Covid and its various mutations to deal with. Responding to government guidance and CIC / CLC operating procedures has allowed them to overcome this challenge, with relatively few cases and only one ‘outbreak’ amongst supply chain.

Secondly, there is the transient nature of the workforce. They have some subcontractors and individuals working for say two months, then away to another project. To get their buy in to what the team is delivering in terms of health, safety and wellbeing is a huge challenge. From the offset, from prestart meetings to inductions to on site interaction they face this challenge head on.

Our third key challenge is the fact that they have been working on a 24hr continuous nature. With dayshift and nightshift ongoing throughout 2021. There are challenges for the nightshift in terms of weather (generally colder at night), the darkness and how it affects tasks, communications between day and night teams, and finally, making the nightshift staff actually feel a full part of the overall team.

The further key challenge area has been the close proximity of the general public and managing the potential interfaces. Our work on the public A1 highway has several spots where it is extremely difficult to keep the general public away from work areas. From pedestrian incursions into work areas, to potential suicide attempts it is a day-to-day challenge that they face.


Three Winning Facts:
  1. They have the foundations built of a listening and empathetic environment for people to work in.
  2. To have the very senior person on the whole framework of projects to insist they take at least two full days per year as Health, Safety and Wellbeing stand down days has been fantastic commitment. This includes all their supply chain as well. To then be able to bring along two motivational real life story speakers along to appear on this stand down days has been a massive success.
  3. They have a developed utilities (stats) tracker being used on the projects. Our full-time utility team have identified, following PAS128 guidelines, all services on site down to trial hole identification. This information is contained within an excel stats tracker, regularly updated and issued to all the engineering / operational / construction teams who are planning the works to be executed safely.