Health & Safety and Wellbeing: Churngold Construction Ltd

Constructing Excellence

Following the introduction of 2 health and safety related initiatives over the last 2 years Churngold Construction Limited, the leading South West based groundworker, has seen its AFR and AIR statistics drop from an industry average figure to zero, as well as seeing the number of minor cuts and bruises reduce to single figures each year, plus also buried service strikes drop to a very small handful a year.

The first initiative is the Hazard Spot award scheme where all employees are encouraged to deal with any identified hazard they come across on site and once corrected they record it on a Hazard Spot card which is then entered in a monthly prize draw. This also enables Churngold to trend its site hazards for future learning and risk management.

The second initiative is the Safe Dig training which clearly outlines the process to go through before and whilst digging around buried services on site. It uses a short animated carton to train its employees on what is required to dig around services safely. Since its introduction the number of service strikes has significantly reduced.

Since the introduction of both these initiatives Churngold has also seen an beneficial involvement of its employees in all health and safety issues.