Chiltern Vale Health Hub and Residential Development

Constructing Excellence

Located in Dunstable, this scheme builds on a successful, long-term relationship between Willmott Dixon and Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC). Completed in March 2023, it involved constructing an integrated healthcare hub and three residential blocks with 98 homes, together with car parking spaces and landscaping. The four-storey hub will serve approximately 50,000 people and includes GP, mental health, NHS community, dental and third sector services, as well as social services teams. As well as the Health Hub, the site also includes 98 later living homes in a scheme which seeks to be a good example of joined up development. It aims to create a sense of place, homes and health for all, co-located in the heart of the community.

The design and construction of the healthcare hub was the highlight of this scheme. It is the first project built using the cura platform by Willmott Dixon’s standardised design solution Collida, which contributed to the delivery of over 60% pre-manufactured value. Cura is a pre-designed healthcare hub offering both community and primary care services. It provides clinical and service flexibility, can be customised to suit the needs of the local community and adapted to future changes. Due to its success the health hub will be used as a benchmark for future cura healthcare schemes for both Willmott Dixon and Central Bedfordshire Council.

Several environmental benefits were provided whilst delivering this scheme and an extensive programme of community engagement was also carried out. A learning centre was installed on site and was used for upskilling the workforce and engaging with the local community to provide a real benefit to the local area.

Several key innovations and lessons learnt from past projects contributed to the success of the works and ultimately led to a completely satisfied customer. Chiltern Vale Health Hub and Residential development is a flagship project for both Central Bedfordshire and Willmott Dixon and has exceeded all expectations.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. Delivered using our innovative predesigned cura model for the health hub which contributed to the delivery of over 60% pre-manufactured value and improved quality and delivery speed.
  2. Installed a learning centre onsite that was used to upskill the workforce and provide a Training Academy for the local area. We provided training courses that helped 9 disadvantaged young people progresses into employment, education, and further training.
  3. This project is an example of the amazing work that can be delivered through true collaboration between contractor and customer.