Ceire Kenny

Constructing Excellence

Ceire is a passionate embodied carbon specialist who transferred from Lendlease’s Sydney office to London to start a new capability in the business, Sustainable Futures. This capability is tackling one of our biggest challenges to date, our 2040 Mission Zero target of Absolute Zero carbon for scope 1,2 and 3 emissions.

Ceire has embedded sustainable futures into a few key areas; work winning, projects in design, projects in delivery, benchmarking, mission zero subgroups, and industry engagement. She has created processes and connected stakeholders that previously worked separately to deliver excellence in embodied carbon reduction.

Within work winning, Ceire creates a custom reduction roadmap for projects based on knowledge of current solutions from the supply chain and precedent from projects in the UK and from the global business, which has led to projects being won with embodied carbon being stated as a winning theme for the client.

During project design she collaborates with other subject matter experts and the design team to bring together complex ideas and previously unconnected information to ensure that all major decisions are made with carbon, cost, program, safety, buildability simultaneously.

Despite only being in London a year Ceire has fully launched herself into engaging with industry. She was an author in the UKGBC recent guidance on Embodied carbon modelling and reporting, is an active member of Concrete Zero, and has spoken on the fundamentals of low carbon design and delivery at universities, with Developers such as GPE, and will be speaking at the One Click LCA carbon experts summit and Westminster City Council Town Hall.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. Clear passion and excitement about reducing embodied carbon that is infectious combined with a depth of technical knowledge and a knack for conveying complex information that drives action.
  2. She has started up a new capability from scratch within the business and within a year has integrated it within Lendlease workflows and connected with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders to do so.
  3. She has positioned Lendlease as a leader in the field of ambitious yet viable embodied carbon solutions for projects in delivery today and on those on the horizon.