Unlocking construction productivity

Construction productivity is a key issue for our industry, or more specifically the lack of it. The lack of construction productivity within our industry stifles innovation, raising costs, adding risk and waste across project life cycles and hinders our ability to improve the value realised from our built environment. But why? What causes the lack … Continue reading “Unlocking construction productivity”

Andrew Wolstenholme

Inspirational brain food served at the Constructing Excellence Annual Conference

Constructing Excellence welcomed its National members, regional centres, local Clubs and members of the Generation for Change (G4C) network to its annual conference on November 11. Thank you to main sponsors Waterloo Air Products. Beyond the built environment The conference was entitled “Beyond the Built Environment”, and an inspirational and enervating day followed, thanks to … Continue reading “Inspirational brain food served at the Constructing Excellence Annual Conference”

Smart Buildings eXchange

OpenSensors is organising a free event on 29th September to exchange ideas and get a deeper understanding of the value of data for better building design. During the event we will look at 3 main areas;  sustainability, operational efficiency and user experience. For more detail please visit the EventBrite listing for this event.