Cabinet Office Published ‘Constructing the Gold Standard’ – reviewing public sector construction frameworks

Constructing Excellence

We are thrilled to announce that, ‘Constructing the Gold Standard – An Independent Review of Public Sector Construction Frameworks’ by Professor David Mosey, was published by Cabinet Office on December 16th. We were honoured to contribute to this commission, and help improve the implementation of Construction Playbook policies in our industry.


David Mosey, Professor and Director of the Centre of Construction Law & Dispute Resolution at King’s College London, was commissioned by Lord Agnew, Minister of State at the Cabinet Office and HM Treasury, in February 2021. With the contributions from 20 major framework providers and over 100 clients, this review highlights the “golden standard” of frameworks outlined in the playbook and explains how the contracting authorities can better adopt these policies.

The Framework Review will lead to recommendations for:

■ the components of a ‘gold standard’ against which new proposed frameworks and framework contracts can be measured

■ standard contract terms that support the new gold standard

■ training packages to enable adoption of the new gold standard