Brynglas Tunnels Refurbishment

Constructing Excellence

The refurbishment of the Brynglas Tunnels required extensive works to three Major Structures along the M4 near Newport in South Wales. At a location which is a vital transportation link for South Wales used by tens of thousands of vehicles every day;

  • The River Usk Bridge, a multi-span river bridge carrying the M4 over the River Usk, in need of structural repairs and post-tensioning whilst maintaining traffic flows and ensuring full environmental compliance over a SSSI river.
  • Brynglas Tunnels, a twin bore M4 tunnel in need of total refurbishment due to a tunnel fire in 2011 and many of its components reaching the end of their design life. An innovative life support system with integrated pavement drainage design was introduced.
  • Mal-Pas Viaduct, a multi span viaduct in need of structural repairs and cathodic protection, whilst maintaining traffic flows above and below the viaduct at all times.
  • Each structure had its own complexities and restraints which introduced a varied of challenges to the delivery team.

Works had to be completed with the minimum of disturbance to the Stakeholders, Community, road users and environment. Whilst at the same time delivering a logistic project and maintaining the health and safety of our workforce and public.

The challenge of introducing new technology within the tunnel to improve the “life support” features of the tunnel, whilst still maintain all existing services, required team collaboration and intricate planning and programming.