BIM-UK Limited

Constructing Excellence


BIM-UK began trading in February 2016, predicated on our central belief in BIM philosophy. We conceived the idea to combine specialist BIM expertise with traditional commercial consultancy services to create a new innovative offering to the market place that could be applied to both individual projects and major programmes of work.

From a standing start, we gained our first client in July 2016 and our first employee in April 2017. In just two years, we have expanded our team to over 30 people, going on to win our first major framework as Yorkshire Water’s (YW’s) sole commercial assurance provider earlier this year.


We had to overcome numerous challenges to grow our business so quickly and succeed in the YW procurement process. Highlights include:
• Workload – meeting the demands of a 4-stage procurement process over a 9 month period with our relatively small team, whilst continuing to deliver for our existing clients.
• Innovation – demonstrating our technical capability and, moreover, our innovative ideas that will deliver better value for YW.
• Competition – winning a selection process based on price and quality in a competition that included numerous global consultancies.
• Meeting minimum requirements – in addition to completing the tender process, we successfully achieved ISO9001, IS)14001 and OHSAS18001 accreditation.
• Scaling our business – the speed of growth has necessitated fast development of key business systems and processes such as IT, finance, HR.
We have overcome all these challenges and are now looking at the next phase of business development.