BIM Builders Work & Passive Fire Stopping Golden Thread Solution

Constructing Excellence

Bouygues UK has been committed to acting upon the recommendations contained within the Hackitt Report in response to the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017. Our dedicated in‐house Building Safety and Innovations Teams have since been reviewing/ developing practices in relation to Building Regulations and Fire Safety.

We introduced the ‘10 Passive Fire Stopping (PFS) Golden Rules’ strategy to improve understanding of responsibilities, accountability, transparency and information flow between stakeholders. Underpinning these rules is the innovative ‘BIM Builders work In Connection (BWIC) Passive Fire Stopping (PFS) BIM Golden Thread (GT) Solution’.

The BIM BWIC PFS GT Solution is a collaborative process underpinned by BIM & IM from Initial Stage 3 PFS strategy/ modelling to Stage 4 (Pre‐Appointment) BWIC coordination and onto detail design approval & install/construction/Sign‐Off of the BWIC/Services and PFS onsite. It streamlines/automates the design/approval process, acting as a single source of truth, providing a full audit trail of decisions and approvals.

A successful trialling of the BWIC PFS BIM GT solution as part of the ‘10 PFS Golden Rules’ on our ‘71/72 The Kingsway’ project in Swansea proved revolutionary. Surprisingly simple to integrate despite the complexities associated with a very specific BIM/IM process, measurable benefits were apparent very quickly. This solution is now being rolled out on select projects across Bouygues UK.

Three Winning Facts:
  • Improving Fire Safety through BIM/IM
  • Enhanced BWIC and PFS Quality Assurance
  • Raising Awareness and Developing Knowledge of PFS and Digital/BIM/IM Collaborative Processes.