Benefits of Modern Methods of Construction – Performance Data & Case Studies

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This report is an output of a collaborative demonstrator project entitled “Enabling housing innovation for inclusive growth” (see link below), a demonstrator project supported by an Innovate UK grant. One of the project’s key objectives was to define ‘key performance indicators’ (KPIs) for MMC and benchmark against existing housing delivery models. The project partners included Bristol City Council (a leader in modern methods of construction (MMC)-based housing solutions) and nine manufacturers of different MMC solutions. BRE coordinated the definition of KPIs and data capture. This report sets out the KPIs from the demonstrator project and provides data from real sites. These KPIs have informed a major programme of data/information capture from participating MMC supply chains and buildings in-use to quantify the benefits of MMCs.

The report provides performance data (cost and time) from several MMC builds projects and across several MMC systems. It also sets out some of the indirect benefits to housing providers and occupants (including broader revenue, social benefits, and social value).

Costs of MMC are currently approx. £3,000 per m2, but these arise from typically small volumes/short pipelines for manufacturers. Costs are expected to fall to approx. £2,000 per m2 as manufacturers scale up to volume production. Procurement clubs (bringing together several local authorities and MMC solutions) are a potential means to achieve this.


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