Ben Pullen

Constructing Excellence

Ben’s strong inclusive and collaborative leadership style is central to allowing his team to develop and thrive. He is trusted to deliver both internally and by clients – challenging conventional practices to the benefit of clients and the communities where his projects are delivered. His projects have won national awards within Atkins, through Ben’s focus on quality, sharing lessons learnt and continual improvement. Ben has additionally volunteered to improve the gradate and apprentice experience across Atkins Transportation and works closely with members of our Transportation Leadership team to achieve this.

Even as a young leader Ben stands out in a crowd, and Ben has been selected as someone identified as a Future Leader within Atkins to participate in the select Atkins Building People Leaders Programme.

Ben has sustainability at the forefront of his role. His thought processes on the SMOR approach for SWTRA has reduced construction programmes, enhanced construction cost certainty and improved carbon/sustainability performance as a result of appraising solutions on their whole-life performance as opposed to the traditional focus of initial construction cost alone. Building on this, he has successfully deployed the Reliability-based method of structural assessment for key infrastructure assets on the strategic highway network. This work has resulted in there no longer being a need to strengthen key structures, resulting in an estimated £3-4m saving of Welsh taxpayers funds.