Beattie Passive’s Flying Factory

Constructing Excellence

The manufacture of UK’s homes is often hampered by supply, delivery processes and labour. Beattie Passive’s Flying Factory offering enables organisations to deliver their your own Passivhaus Standard housing with offsite manufacture and rapid onsite assembly / erection. The factory provides many benefits in its use, including faster delivery times due to the ability to locate the factory on or close to the build site and reduced costs as there is no need to transport panels across the country. One of the key benefits is that local labour or subcontractors (including DLOs) can be trained to manufacture and erect Passivhaus.

The system can be manufactured and erected by semi-skilled labour, reducing concerns related to the skills crisis and supporting skills development and rehabilitation programmes (Skill Development Colleges, HM Prison Service, MOD).

The simple Flying Factory can easily and cost effectively deliver housing that reaches performance standards of Passivhaus and exceeds Building Regulations. This enables organisations to deliver high quality, high performance housing in any design, shape or style to meet their growing housing needs.