BAM Construction Ltd & FHOSS in Partnership – Illuminated Safety Walkway

Constructing Excellence

Elm Park Primary School is the first construction site in the UK to incorporate the current generation of the FHOSS illuminated crossing point. We worked closely with FHOSS over a number of months to hone and develop multiple versions of an existing product and system until we had an innovative solution to a high-risk areaWe have had to overcome a number of challenges along the way, all made possible through true collaboration between contractor and industry provider.

The illuminated crossing point has ensured health and safety compliance, whilst reducing costs associated with employing a dedicated Banksman.  The introduction of this safety system on our sites has the potential to reduce people vs plant collisions and generally make our construction sites a safer place to work and visit.  

The success of this system following our partnership has been impressive, initially FHOSS had less than 80 of these units out in the field, since the introduction of the mechanical mag-locs and intelligent linked communication between points, demand has grown significantly, last count was over 300 units on live sites.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. Fail safe solution to a common health and safety issue – Clear step change in standards.
  2. The success of this new system is demonstrable by numbers, from 80 to 300 units on live sites since the unit was developed, 275% increase within 6 months.
  3. Provided a visible demonstration of our commitment to health and safety standards and our ability to work with supply chain partners to overcome issues, to the benefit of all those that visit and work on the site.