Ashleigh Gow – employed by Kier Construction North West

Constructing Excellence

Ashleigh was promoted to Planner in October 2018, after <4 years as Trainee Planner. With no previous construction experience, through the Kier Development programme, she will this year graduate with a Construction Management BSc (Hons) degree. Her ability to learn new skills, assimilate information and manage complex situations; and effectively collaborate with her colleagues, stakeholders and supply chain, has resulted in her fast-track in a very short period of time. Responsibilities include:

  • Programme production, from tender to completion stages, with a full resource schedule, histogram, outputs and rates for activities to achieve the most optimum period
  • Challenging buildability and methodology, to improve on quality and final delivery
  • Rationalising proposals for planning and logistics, to enable full understanding
  • Careful planning of challenging logistics
  • Construction planning and project controls; precise programme
    management, progress reporting and design coordination
  • Production, monitoring and progressing of all design, procurement and construction programme solutions, and preparing internal reports
  • Client liaison, managing and coordinating design teams and subcontractors
  • Adding value to site teams by helping to produce short-term look-ahead programmes and attending subcontractor coordination meetings
  • Maintaining and monitoring the ‘Notices to Commence’ trackers, to ensure
    subcontractors are commencing each section of work in-line with the programme in their order
  • Promoting and maintaining clear and accurate records from site, such as labour counts, as-built programmes, images and marked-up drawings, to support both Kier and our subcontractors
  • Utilising new technologies, such as integrating BIM models with the programming software
  • Understands and engages with our safety culture